about us

About us

HEQS Group is an Australian furniture designing and manufacturing company, who aim to produce a quality product and provide a high standard of service to our valued clients. HEQS is established in 2006 and mainly specialized in the furniture and home appliance business. Also HEQS covers other strategic businesses such as agricultural products supply, properties investment, manufacture and supply of medical equipment and stationary items.

HEQS Design team are dedicated to bringing fresh, innovative designs to the market, by combining comfort and style. Individual designs can even be created from a sketch, with exceptional standards of craftsmanship, and always ensuring a superior result.

As a market leader in the delivery of office fitout and furniture systems HEQS combines in-house product development and manufacturing with a strong project delivery team,allowing the flexibility to deliver client-specific solutions across a broad range of requirements. With national representation in every State, HEQS offers prompt after-sales service and a company commitment to consistent product and service integrity. Today, HEQS Wholesale is creating value for its customers by constantly elevating its products and services. Our key focus is on building on these relationships through integrity, communication and customer service.