Products & Services

In 2008, HEQS set up its property division to invest in Sydney’s property market, aiming to set up a private portfolio of property. HEQS Property invest, manage, and conduct development by innovative building method. HEQS Property continue to grow with the number of property held in the portfolio.

Container House

Using steel structural frame design, the house is thermal insulated, waterproof and soundproof, it’s also safe, durable and convenient for transportation, available for flexible combination.

Shipping Containers Modification

Modified from shipping containers, the house is soundproof and thermal insulated, also safe and durable. We provide customized modification services.

Customization Services

We provide customization services to our customers, diversified choices including: product design, factory prefabrication, site construction and interior decoration. With energy saving and environmental friendly products, we deliver tailored, efficient and reliable housing solutions for you.

Container House Instruction

Container houses are based on shipping containers, module structure construction and interior decoration are finished in the factory using manufacturing production. These modules can be fast assembled into houses with various styles according to different uses and functions on site. Interior decoration, in accordance with local national standards for water, electric, Fireproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, environmental protection and all other requirements.